37. Fashion Fiesta

I always loved dressing up as a child. I loved imaginative play, and creating stories of adventure that my siblings and I would go on (usually on a plane somewhere and we’d pack all our clothes into bags and go off on holiday down the bottom of the garden). I loved my 7th birthday present from my Grandma – a handmade Snow White costume. I wore it to my party, even though I was the only one in fancy dress. And I have to say, even now if there’s the opportunity for dressing up, I’m there.

All through uni, parties for all occasions involved a different theme – from Disney to ‘something beginning with M’, pirates to superheroes, 80’s neon rave to animals. We did the lot. And now I have hundreds of random items of clothing in a fancy dress box, ready to be used. I am often asked for various costumes by friends to which I can usually find something tenuously linked along the right lines. (In the last few months I’ve been asked for cowgirl, elf, Peter Pan and Christmas pudding).

I love making costumes, it’s always more fun when it looks a bit homemade and not quite perfect. For the last 3 years I’ve made a Christmas themed outfit for our work Christmas party. It began with slight confusion and bewilderment from the rest of the staff team…now they just groan when I mention it. It’s a bit of fun, so why not? Live life on the edge and all that.



So this all brings us to a very important question. What costume do I wear for the marathon? I wouldn’t normally, but I am putting in some restrictions. It needs to be fairly practical as I still want to be able to run as well as I can – after all, this is the only marathon I’m doing, so I want it to be my best time I could have done, without being hindered by a costume! As the marathon is on Palm Sunday, it has been suggested and seconded that I should go for something involving a donkey/Jesus or a combination of the two. Although it would be hilarious, sadly I think it might have to wait for another time.

In reality, I want to have both the charity logos on my top, and you have to have your running number on the front. Plus I’ve been told the most important thing to do is have your name printed on your top for people to cheer for you. So I think I’m going for a purple (Rianna’s Fund) and green (Catching Lives) theme. But you’ll have to wait till the day to see exactly what it looks like (clue: there may be a tutu involved).


If you would like to sponsor me, my page is http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/mimsmission


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