#mims30by30 – Half way point: the cutting room floor

This past weekend was exactly six months since starting and therefore six months remaining of the #mims30by30 year. It also happened to coincide that I ticked off the fifteenth thing as ‘finished, or at least started’ so I’m also half way through the list meaning I’m right on track – ‘eating bacon’ as number 31 is still looking avoidable, for now at least.

You may (or may not at all) be wondering how I came to decide on the final list of 30 things to do. I wanted them all to be new experiences for me – either things I had never done at all (majority of them) or would find a challenge and haven’t done for a long time (eg. learn an instrument). I thought I’d share a few things below that I have already done and therefore didn’t make it on to the list – and a few that I thought of after publishing my 30 – but that might inspire you to have a go at or see something new! Some may say I’m a bit of an ‘experience junkie’ – as you’ll see, I’ve always loved trying things and have had a fair few fun adventures so it was fun to come up with a whole new list for this year.

Food and Drink:






Places to Visit:



Sports and Exercise:



  • Learn to sew
  • Break a world record (I sang in the largest Gospel Choir in the world at Royal Festival Hall, London. This record has since been broken by people in the Philippines!)
  • Go in a helicopter
  • Learn to jive
  • See a ballet
  • Have a mud bath
  • Try a pottery class


Things I am yet to do…the start of a ’40 by 40′ list?!:

  • Go to a silent disco
  • Walk Hadrian’s Wall
  • Skate at a roller disco
  • Secret cinema viewing
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Eat in a Greek restaurant and throw the plate at the end
  • Cocktail making workshop


If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


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