#mims30by30 11a: Whitstable Oyster Festival

If you think this post is premature or you’ve missed the whole of July and it is now in fact August, fear not. There may have been a flaw from the beginning in including this choice – that being a vegetarian I don’t actually eat oysters. I eventually decided I would put it on the list as a) it is a local event, b) it appeared in practically every ‘top 100 things to do in England’ list I read, and c) I didn’t state I would eat oysters, merely go to the event.

At the time of publishing my 30by30 list, the festival was still scheduled to be on the same time as previous years, which meant I could go to the first day before I then had to be away for a week. On March 3rd 2017 an article was published saying that the annual oyster festival was to be scaled back from ten to just three days at the end of July. This somewhat ruined my plan…I had already booked to be away over those three days, as I had assumed that going on previous years dates I would still be here for the start of the oyster festival. However, there still seems to be lots of activities going on in a short space of time, so do head down to Tankerton slopes (not Whitstable any more!) and see what’s going on from 22-24th July.

I feel this is a legitimate fail as I was going on current information at the time of writing my list. However, it does mean I need to re-think and decide on a new challenge…and I think I know what it is!

Keeping with the food theme and still something I’ve never done before, I’m going to go to a ‘pick your own…’ farm – and I’m very excited! Number 11b is now on the cards.

To see the full list of 30 things I’m doing, you can see the original post here.


2 thoughts on “#mims30by30 11a: Whitstable Oyster Festival

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