#mims30by30 11b: Pick your own…

Completed: Wednesday 5th July 2017

img_3194.jpgimg_3205.jpgAs a replacement for not being able to go to the Whitstable Oyster Festival (you can read why here), I was keen to go fruit picking. I know many friends who grew up doing this, but we always had quite a few fruit trees in the garden which needing picking keeping us occupied long enough through the summer not to need to go elsewhere!

Talking to other people, it can be quite hit and miss going to ‘pick your own’ farms as to what they have ready for picking, depending on the year. You want to go early enough to get a good haul, but leave it long enough that the fruit is ready; it’s a tricky business to time it just right. I was chatting to a friend who hadn’t been either, but we both knew of a farm who puts their signs out on the main road each year advertising fruit picking. She was passing it one day and called in to see how much they had left and was told it was almost gone – so had a quick go whilst there was some left! At the same time, another friend went to a different farm who said their crop wasn’t ready to start picking yet.

I didn’t want to miss out on filling a basket with hand picked juicy fruit so headed off with a friend and her Little One to hunt out a farm which still had some for the taking. I say ‘some’ in the loosest sense of the word…it was almost bare and we had to do a bit of searching to hunt out the ‘juicy red ones’. There were four rows and you can imagine when it was all ripe and ready it would look incredible, but we seemed to have just missed it. We did however manage to gather exactly 500g of raspberries with only a few eaten on the way! We had taken two punnets thinking we could fill them – we managed to fill one to just over half…the other was used as Little One’s basket for his cracker 😉 It was a glorious day and great fun taking him; a brill family activity to do together with all ages.

We were there around an hour, and it was topped off by a visit to the farm shop where I picked up a scrummy bottle of locally made jucie – apple, rhubarb and strawberry. We are so fortunate to have some amazing produce grown in Kent…well it is known as ‘the garden of England’.



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