#mims30by30 19: Sherwood Forest 

Completed: Friday 11th August 2017

img_4120Although I’ve been to Nottingham before and seen the statue of Robin Hood in the town, there was another piece to this legendary puzzle that I wanted to visit. Located near Edwinstowe, Sherwood Forest is a 450 acre country park, and home to a tree called ‘Major Oak’. It is thought the tree is over 1000 years old. Legend has it that the ancient oak not only provided Robin Hood with shelter, it was also the place where he and his Merry Men slept.

It proved a perfect meeting place to see friends living up north, and we had a brilliant afternoon. There are signs to find Major Oak from the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre which takes 5-10mins (or longer with a toddler in tow!) to walk to.

The tree is now supported with metal poles and has a fence around it to stop visitors trampling the roots. The tree is a Quercus Robur, the English or pendunculate oak. It weighs an estimated 23 tonnes, has a girth of 10 metres (33ft) and a spread of 28 metres (92ft) making it the biggest oak tree in Britain.

After a gentle wander to find this beast of a tree standing proudly in the forest, we followed another path round heading back towards the visitor centre. Part way back we turned on to a bridle way that eventually lead us round the entire outside of the site for a solid three hour walk (again, this was with a toddler who was keen to walk in the wrong direction). Having said that, it is beautiful surroundings to walk in and we had a lovely afternoon. We got back for a well deserved ice cream to find a wedding reception taking place in the restaurant…each to their own!

If you want to visit Major Oak as well, look here to find out more.

To see the full list of 30 things I’m doing, you can see the original post here.


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