Hello world

Here’s a little bit of a low down on me so you know what you’re letting yourself in for when you enter my world.

I live in the Garden of England, more commonly known to most folk as Kent, which doesn’t sound quite as exciting. I’m a children’s worker for a brilliant church, and I love it. I love lots of other things too; glitter, shoes, baking, dancing, fancy dress, drinking non-frothy hot chocolate, making dresses. I hope that hasn’t put you off reading any more of my blog. I’d really like it if you read it anyway.

I originally started the blog as a means of recording my marathon training adventure in 2013/14, but it features other things as well as only talking about running and moaning about early mornings has the potential for tedious chatter to set in very early on. 2017 was the year of #mims30by30 – I had 30 things to complete and I’ve shared each of them here. I’ve also written about my time in a monastic community for a year.

That’s a bit about me. What about you? I’d love to get to know whoever’s got enough time on their hands to read my witterings, so do get in touch.


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