37. Fashion Fiesta

I always loved dressing up as a child. I loved imaginative play, and creating stories of adventure that my siblings and I would go on (usually on a plane somewhere and we’d pack all our clothes into bags and go off on holiday down the bottom of the garden). I loved my 7th birthday present from my Grandma – a handmade Snow White costume. I wore it to my party, even though I was the only one in fancy dress. And I have to say, even now if there’s the opportunity for dressing up, I’m there.

All through uni, parties for all occasions involved a different theme – from Disney to ‘something beginning with M’, pirates to superheroes, 80’s neon rave to animals. We did the lot. And now I have hundreds of random items of clothing in a fancy dress box, ready to be used. I am often asked for various costumes by friends to which I can usually find something tenuously linked along the right lines. (In the last few months I’ve been asked for cowgirl, elf, Peter Pan and Christmas pudding).

I love making costumes, it’s always more fun when it looks a bit homemade and not quite perfect. For the last 3 years I’ve made a Christmas themed outfit for our work Christmas party. It began with slight confusion and bewilderment from the rest of the staff team…now they just groan when I mention it. It’s a bit of fun, so why not? Live life on the edge and all that.



So this all brings us to a very important question. What costume do I wear for the marathon? I wouldn’t normally, but I am putting in some restrictions. It needs to be fairly practical as I still want to be able to run as well as I can – after all, this is the only marathon I’m doing, so I want it to be my best time I could have done, without being hindered by a costume! As the marathon is on Palm Sunday, it has been suggested and seconded that I should go for something involving a donkey/Jesus or a combination of the two. Although it would be hilarious, sadly I think it might have to wait for another time.

In reality, I want to have both the charity logos on my top, and you have to have your running number on the front. Plus I’ve been told the most important thing to do is have your name printed on your top for people to cheer for you. So I think I’m going for a purple (Rianna’s Fund) and green (Catching Lives) theme. But you’ll have to wait till the day to see exactly what it looks like (clue: there may be a tutu involved).


If you would like to sponsor me, my page is http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/mimsmission


3. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail

Disclaimer: Not all posts will be as long as the first few have been! It’s just whilst I get you (and I!) up to speed on what’s been going on…it’s all happened pretty quick!

They say it’s all in the planning. And my life is certainly being planned out until April 13th 2014. The 7 month calendar is coming along nicely and I’ll soon have every hour allocated to sleep, work, running, social life or rest. Literally. Those of you who know me well know I love lists (thanks to mum for instilling this joy in me from a young age – how else are you meant to organise ANYTHING?!) and timetables, tick sheets and schedules – this is an ideal opportunity to put all to good use! I suppose I’m not one to stop doing something to make time for something else; I tend to just keep fitting more in. I’m regularly told by my parents that as much as I would love to, it isn’t possible to do more than 24 hours worth of stuff in a day. Such spoil sports. It may not always be the best idea, but that’s how I roll and its okay at the moment so I’m sticking with it. I’m certainly not someone who can sit still for long, so evenings and weekends are usually full. Before I have a chance to think another week is over and I have no idea where it’s gone. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Something I’m going to have to get used to is being on my own running. I’d rather be with people 99% of the time, so thinking about the hours of being alone is one of the challenges. I’m trying to make it positive though. It’ll be good to get some space from the business of life, and have time to think, let my mind wander, and dream big (though maybe not too big if I end up with another idea like this).

The current plan is to run Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays  before work, and hopefully get in a bit longer run on a Friday or Saturday (depending on my social life), particularly after Christmas as training builds. My aim is a 10km by Christmas, which I’m sure is doable. And you can hold me to that.

Whilst at home last weekend I went to Run to Live to get some proper running shoes. The one thing I don’t mind paying a bit more for is decent shoes – I don’t particularly want to wreck my feet if at all possible. I was filmed running on a running machine, and then the lovely helpful lady looked at how I run (a neutral gait apparently!) and got me some very comfy shoes to fit. Big win.

Run 7 – First time in proper fitting running shoes. I felt like I was flying. Also first sub 13.5 min mile. And I wasn’t even thinking about timing. I was focussed more on pace as I know I tend to start to quickly. The RunKeeper app tells me my average pace every 5 minutes and every half mile, so when I caught it saying ’13 min’ something at the top of the road heading back down the slight hill, I wanted to keep it up. Of course, just as it said it, I got a massive stabbing in my right side, and was sure I was going to keel over. Here was my first ‘wall’! I was having none of it, and kept the pace going whilst trying to breathe through gritted teeth to stop myself from screaming. It paid off – 13 min 27 sec a mile. Boom. Wall 1 was hit and blasted straight through.

Run 8 – This was a short one as I was running late (as usual) and was going up to London so didn’t have much time. I was aiming for a faster mile, and although I certainly started off a bit too quick, I did the mile in 13 min 10 secs. Winner! However this was only due to the fact I knew I was doing 1 mile so not exactly sustainable right now for 26 miles. But we’re making progress.

I think that’s all for now, you’ll be relieved to know! Chow for now.