#mims30by30 Thirty-minus-one


Saturday night I celebrated being born in the 80’s (definitely bringing crimped hair back in) and this morning I set the fire alarm off at work by sitting under the smoke detector with a cake that had relighting candles on! What a way to turn twenty nine and begin the 365 day countdown to the big 3-0. It also means I can start the #mims30by30 challenges. When I wrote the introductory post on New Years Day I had no idea how many people would respond asking to do some of the challenges with me, and offering help and ideas for how to do some of them. I’ve now got six things booked in, a few more almost there and dates to start some of the things that will take all year. I’m living the admin- dream with planning galore and loving getting as many people involved as possible 🙂 Today I’m going to kick off the challenges by opening up the first book… let’s see how it goes.

img_0619Keep a look out for facebook posts to see if you want to join me on a coastal walk, railway ride or anything else!

To see the full list of 30 things I’m doing, you can see the original post here.