25. For one day only


Happy Christmas Day 🙂

Wahey! I’m sure none of you will read this on Christmas Day, but if you happen to, for one day only this website is worthy of existing… https://isitchristmas.com/ see what I mean?

Today we remember the birth of a baby born in a dirty stable, who grew up to be more than just a man wandering the streets saying nice things. The Son of God had entered our world.

Jesus, Emmanuel, ‘God with us’.


15. Christmas is coming…

I think it is about time I go a bit ‘children’s worker’ on you. In fact, I’m surprised I’ve managed to hold back this long. I (probably along with many other children and youth workers) started thinking about Christmas in the second week of September having hardly got over the Space Academy holiday club from two weeks before. Actually, I still have space-dust in my office, but that’s another story. Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier in the shops every year, but I’ve found I’m in the zone planning various school and church activities so far ahead that there can be a danger of losing sight of the joy and celebration of Christmas by the time 25th December finally comes around. So I’m on a mission to keep reminding myself of the birth of a special baby and not become lost in the bagging of sweets and ‘bauble challenges’ that will come round all too soon.

There are some great resources out there for families to use, as well as some other stuff that may be of interest. Childrenswork Magazine have a great article for family ideas this Advent, Christmas and New Year.
This is a great site – click on ‘children’s songs’ and there is a list of lots of Christmassy songs written by those who run the website, all available to use for free. All the songs have lyrics, sheet music, audio samples and lots have videos. Last year we taught ‘The Greatest Gift’ to our 5-11’s at church and they sang it in the family carol service. We’re using another of the songs this year (though it’s still top secret for now…!)

I love how social media can be used so well for sharing videos and ideas. Below are a few youtube things you may find of interest…some are cute, some are challenging, some are just a joy. I thought it might be helpful to have a little list going on (you know me, I love a list), so here’s a start…let me know if you have any other goodun’s to add:

Please do share any other fun things you come across – sharing is caring and all that.