26. Still going strong

Oh hello there. Welcome back. And welcome to 2014.

I feel like I need to welcome you back as I haven’t posted anything for a week (shock horror) and this is a long time for me. Fear not, I haven’t forgotten that I am training for a marathon. Far from it in fact. My Christmas break was interspersed with running all over the place (literally). And now I’m back to a sort of normality (what’s normal?) I can update you on the fun. Blogging was put on hold whilst I enjoyed time with family and friends. It was a lovely time to get away for a few days, and I hope you enjoyed Christmas and New Year too.

So here we go, hold on to your seats, there’s a lot to get through. Time to catch up on the training and think ahead – maybe even with a few sneaky previews to what is in store for 2014.

Run 36 – Way back on 17th Dec it was a rainy Tuesday morning and off I went. Decided to risk it for a biscuit (well, breakfast bar) and go for it, hoping the rain wouldn’t get any harder. 2.3 miles later and I was wet but pleased to have run anyway.

Run 37 – Two days later and my trainers had dried (phew) which meant a 3 mile run was on the cards. Various things came up which meant I went for a late afternoon run (not normal for a Thursday). It felt a bit of an effort, but it was good to get out and run. Another time when I appreciated the feeling of freedom when it’s just you off for a run. Love it.

Gym 1 – ‘Wait a minute’ I hear you cry, ‘the gym?’! Oh yes, my friends, something terrible happened. I joined the gym. Possibly the most awkward experience ever (hench guys working out and coming to ask the instructor I was with to film them lifting weights. No joke). After swiftly moving on from the weights area and finishing the induction, I ran for 15 mins on the treadmill. Only problem is all the machines are set to km not miles, so I have to work out how far I’m going and my pace as I go along. I’m not sure I’ll cope with coordinating brain power at the same time as running.

Run 38 – Sunday morning and I was up for a couple of miles. My shins, however, were not. It was really hard work to run the mile that I managed in the wind, and I didn’t want to push it in case it made my legs worse. Not sure if its good or bad to see that my average pace around 11 min 45 secs was consistent all week, weather I was in wind, rain, or sun…

Run 39 – What a great day to run. Christmas Day morning in our house is chaos (as in most houses I’m sure) so I took the opportunity in a brief break of madness to go for a 5km run. And it was great. No one around apart from a few cars and a couple of others mad enough to be running on a very chilly but bright morning. Never did I think I’d find myself choosing to go for a run on Christmas Day; it may have to become an annual feature.

Run 40 – My older sister suggested on a whim that we run a 10km on Boxing Day. I don’t think she bargained for the fact that I would agree. I worked out a route around where my parents live and we set to it. It was freezing (not literally, it was 3 degrees) and I couldn’t move my fingers they were so cold. A bit of an issue when I needed to ring my grandma to ask if I could make a quick stop off at her house to go to the loo. Managed to ring her eventually, and all was well with the world again. I ran the 6.2 miles in 1 hour 14 mins 28 secs (12 min miles) which I was pleased with in the cold.

Run 41 – Another Saturday 5km run, this time I went with mum, sister and brother to Parkrun at Bushy Park (where Parkrun was started). It was a bit muddy in places, but great running with 750 other people on a fresh bright morning. The 3.1 mile course was lovely to run, and with 11 min 30 sec miles, I was a minute quicker than my first Parkrun at Whitstable a few weeks ago. My sister doesn’t do mornings, in fact she ‘hates life’ at any time before 10am, so I sent her some motivational texts to get her going…I found it quite amusing, even if she didn’t:


Gym 2 – I drove back to Canterbury on Monday in the horrible ‘storm’ weather in the hope that I could get to the gym to do some cross-training and cycling. Ended up that I was quite late coming back, and for some reasons the only machines on were the treadmills. Boooo. Oh well, I tried. I WILL make it to the cross-trainer at some point. I ran for 15 mins on the treadmill again, and swiftly left again. It was flipping boiling in there.

Coming up in 2014… – Oh man, I’ve signed up to a half marathon in February with the mothership. This shouldn’t be a surprise to me, as I need to run double it (obviously) for the actual thing. It’s more the fact that it’ll be my first official race I’ve entered, so in not too sure what to expect. Don’t worry, you’ll hear all about it.
I’m hoping to do more Parkrun’s this year. I quite enjoy it, and it helps to practice running with lots of other people around.
And there’s the minor detail of RUNNING THE LONDON MARATHON! Yes, that.